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100% Natural Briquettes Charcoal

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Briquettes Charcoal

This Grand fire BBQ Charcoal is not only environmentally friendly, but also healthy and with its higher burning temperature food is more deliciously grilled. Highly recommended and used by hotels and restaurants because of its low ash residue and over 5 hours long burning span.

Hardwood Lumber

Construction is our main work. Our G4 Global-Africa Hardwood Export Team is committed to discovering more demand for sustainable products which is why is why we are strategically situated in Africa to provide you with high qualitative hardwood products.

Business CCTV & Security Camera

Security cameras rank as one of the most frequently demanded smart home devices for indoors and outdoors of your home and business unit. If you want to set up a smart home security camera system We got you covered. We provide the most advance CCTV and Camera products & technical support.

Global Presence

We manufacture, and distribute world class quality products anywhere in the world. With our wide range of distribution channel in the Gulf and all over Asia, we are keen to always give the best service and outstanding products to our customers. Connect with us to get the latest products, and best pricing.

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Uncompromising World Class Quality


High Quality Charcoal

G4 Global Briquette is a type of solid fuel, consist of shredded peat, compressed to form a virtually smokeless, slow-burning, quickly and easily light a coal fire, easy to stored and transport, and Eco-friendly 

Hardwood Lumber

Export Class Lumber

Pre-cut studs, machine-evaluated lumber to measures stiffness, density, and structural properties of lumber strength to assure uniform quality of excellent selection of some of the most beautiful woods in the world from Africa.

Installation & Technical Support

CCTV & Cameras

Know our team of CCTV Camera experts. Behind a successful installation of a camera network infra are high qualitative cameras and skilled technicians. That’s what G4 Global-Africa is known for. Call us to get the best quote. 

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"I prefer to use your Charcoal Briquette for BBQ because the food cooked so well, and the coal last longer ."
Genor Swartzki
Email Sent to
G4 Global
"I really like their service and products, I guess now they have got a new lifetime customer. From now on, every construction project that I do will only order lumber via G4 Global."
Teresa Henry
Manager, R & B Group
"We use G4 Global Briquettes. because the charcoal meat is cooked well, and in our business the quality of food is more important to us..."
Muhammad Habib
Manager, Eat Drink Restaurant

Export Product Quality

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